• avatar-maul

    Maulana M. Syuhada

    Maulana M. Syuhada holds a PhD degree in Management Science from Lancaster University, UK. His passion in arts, music, and culture, has led him to engage in many activities that promote Indonesian arts and culture. He co-founded some traditional music groups, such as Angklung Hamburg Orchestra (2002), Sabilulungan (2003), Lancaster Angklung Orchestra (2009), and Angklung Manchester (2012). He is the author of “40 Days in Europe” (2007), a memoir about his experience leading an angklung group (KPA 3) in a seemingly “impossible journey” across Europe for 40 days. The group won 1st place for group of musician category and audience award in 2004 Highland Folklore Festival in Zakopane, Poland, and Best Group of the festival and 1st prize in audience competition in 50th International Folklore Festival in Cerveny Kostelec, Czech Republic. This film is adapted from his book. Maulana received his BEng in Industrial Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and MSc in International Production Management from Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH), Germany.

  • avatar-adi

    Adi Panuntun

    Adi Panuntun is an entrepreneur and designer that has won numerous international awards, the founder and creative head of Sembilan Matahari. He is known as the pioneer of video mapping in Indonesia after Fatahillah video mapping show in 2010. He received his BA from Faculty of Arts and Design, ITB and MA from Northumbria University, Newscastle, UK. Upon his return from the UK, he has been developing a new approach of filmmaking by integrating technology-art through an emotionally engaging experience. One of his video mapping art installations, “Constellation Neverland”, was selected and exhibited in various renowned international festivals. He won the first prize in international festival in Japan (Zushi Media Art Festival 2012) and Russia (Circle of Light 2014)

  • avatar-achir

    Mochamad Achir

    Mochamad Achir is a news anchor and producer of LIPUTAN 6 SCTV, a leading daily news programme in Indonesia. He has been working with SCTV for ten years since he won runner up at National News Presenter Competition in 2004. He then held a post as SCTV political correspondent at presidential palace for five years where he travelled to many countries covering some important events such as OIC, APEC and G20 summit, to name a few. Besides daily news, he also produces some other SCTV news programmes, including talk show “Indonesia Baru bersama Slank”, 2014 National Election coverage, travelling programme “Ngubek-ngubek”, and many others. Story telling has been his passion since he was at university where he produced his first documentary film, “Gerbang yang Hilang”. Achir holds a BA in International Relations from Padjadjaran University and a BSc in Mathematics from ITB.

  • avatar-sony

    Sony Budi Sasono

    Sony Budi Sasono is known as a filmmaker who started his career in 2007 making documentary, corporate videos, and shorts as he established Sembilan Matahari together with his brother Adi Panuntun. His debut in feature film was “cin(T)a” (2009) as producer and cinematographer. He produced, wrote, and directed a documentary of video mapping shows performed by Sembilan Matahari, “Blending The Boundaries” in 2013. His professional work as cinematographer continued in 2013 for “Selamat Pagi, Malam”, produced by Kepompong Gendut. He is also the creator of Naaradewa (2014), a fantasy story for video mapping show on Gedung Sate facade, making it a new genre in video mapping. Sony received his BSc from Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, ITB. His passion in film has brought him to explore the film industry with the spirit of entrepreneurship. In 2014, he established S/VFX, a visual effect studio based in Bandung. This film is his feature film directional debut.

  • avatar-dini

    Dini A. Murdeani

    Dini A. Murdeani was an active member of Students Film League during her undergraduate study in ITB. After finishing her Master Degree in Business Administration, she followed her passion in film and joined the team of cin(T)a as promotion manager in 2009. The film was a success. She is now the producer for Sony Budi Sasono, her husband.

  • avatar-sm

    Sembilan Matahari

    Sembilan Matahari is a cross-disciplined studio founded back in 2007. Based in Bandung, the capital city of West Java, where many creative industry enthusiasts have successfully arise from Indonesia. Different from other studios, Sembilan Matahari does not only serve as production house. The team of Sembilan Matahari consists of animators, VFX artists, architect, programmers, scientist, engineers, musicians, sound designer, illustrators, graphic and user interface designers, writer, art director, and filmmakers. Its focus and main interest lay on cross disciplines designs, film, and creative coding expertise. Sembilan Matahari collaborates with amazing talents around the globe coming from various backgrounds to create bold, innovative, experiential, and inspiring works that made up not only the commercial portfolio but also our international award-winning portfolio. Recently, Sembilan Matahari’s work on video mapping won the first prize in Zushi Media Art Festival (Japan, 2012) and Circle of Light Festival (Moscow, 2014).